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के तपाईं घुर्ने समस्याले पीडित हुनुहुन्छ ? के तपाईंको घुराइको करण लज्जित हुनुपरेको त छैन ? अब चिन्ता लिनु पर्दैन तपाईं को घुर्ने समस्याको समाधान को लागि Anti Snoring Device प्रयोग गरी समस्या बाट मुक्ती पाउनुहोस् ।

About the Product
Good-bye to Sleepless Nights- Promotes better sleep by using magnets to put pressure on septum and opening air passage to allow proper flow of oxygen as you sleep
Comfort Fit and Non Intrusive – Fits comfortably in your nostrils.
Best Snore Clip – No annoying adhesives. No skin irritation. BPA Free.
Helps Eliminate Dry Mouth – Helps breathe through your nose better so you won’t “mouth breathe” while sleeping.


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